Nina & Berry Foraminifera
Teaching Science To Kids


Nina Floaty & Berry Ground which are two foraminifera guiding and teaching kids about the oceans and the wonderful flora and fauna of the deep sea. Foraminifera are a deep-sea life forms and hard to discern by the naked eye. They are very sensitive to physical and chemical environmental changes and therefore, are ideal indicators for paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic history of the Earth.

Nina & Berry became the ambassadors of the children’s education program of ‘Advancing Knowledge on Methane in the Arctic’, and Ocean Senses.

This project is endorsed by the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Meet them at the Conference:
– Forams 2023 Perugia, 26-30th June 2023
– EGU23 Conference Vienna, 23-28th April 2023
– Cage International Conference Tromsø, Norway 14-16th September 2022

The “Foraminifera Boogie”, is a song developed within the AKMA Project and performed by kids of the TRINT International School in Tromsø. It is meant to spread awareness about the importance of foraminifera, marine organisms, biodiversity, and marine protection.

Rehearsal and Recording at the Tvibit Studio in Tromsø, Norway

Karaoke Version